What I learned at NASCAR


I'm not a race car fan. Or at least I wasn't. But I've been wooed.

We got to North Carolina about a month ago. We are within walking distance to the track here. I even mentioned leaving when the next race was for fear that we'd be over run by the party crowd.

Fast forward to last week. I mentioned to my man that I might wanna go over. Just for one night. Just to see what the fuss was about. As the race drew nearer you could feel the anticipation in the air and my curiosity grew. 

We went over the night that the "pole" would be awarded. {Basically it's a race to compete for the starting lineup in the big race.}

I had a blast.

There was something about those cars flying past me. The energy in the air and the science of the track. Each curve and stretch measured and calculated.

We ended up back at the track for the big race on Saturday night.  

Here's what I learned.

1. Stereotyping people never works out. I had expected people to be drunk falling all over and being rude. I met the opposite of that. The people we sat near were polite. They coached us in what was crucial to know and that offered us fried chicken and beer.

2. You need a driver. You have to pick someone to cheer for. Someone to pin your hopes on and scream for as they go flying past. There are a lot of drivers and only one winner. You can't just choose a driver and then be mad that they didn't win. You're  a part of their team now. Win or lose. 

3. Coming together for common interests builds community.  It gives us something to cheer for and to talk about. Even if something isn't what you'd normally be excited about. Expanding interests is vital to life. I'm realizing that. It's an ever-evolution and causes us to grow.

4. Say yes. This was the thing that fueled me most this weekend. I said yes to something that I expected to hate. And fell in love with something new. Now I'm looking for new things to say yes to. I can't wait to see what opens up now.

5. It's never too late to choose a career  path. I'm holding onto this one. Because now. I kind of want to be a pace car driver. I'd love to lead those cars around the track. You don't get famous for that. But you do get to say, "the winner of the race had to follow me!"

What are you learning right now? What new life experiences could you say yes to?


I'm in one of those seasons. Surrounded by such shiny goodness. Even in the midst of all the things that are really tough, I keep seeing abundance. In relationships, in my body, in my home.

I thought it might be good to bring some here. To share it if you need some. To beg of you to share your own. Or just to give you hope filled wings that it's still out there, swirling around.

I just saw that Mandy's book is free in eBook form. If you've not yet read it.. what are you waiting for? It's changed me. I live in an RV, I don't keep books around if they're no good. Space is limited. I have two copies... go now.

Blushing Wild starts on Sunday. I am giddy over this course. I spilled my guts out in it and shared some pretty daring photos.. similar to this one.

If you follow me in Instagram you might've seen that I was at a tattoo studio last weekend. Would you like to see what transpired? Oh good, because love, I'm showing you.

{It's in the peeling stage, but I was anxious to share with you.}

{It's in the peeling stage, but I was anxious to share with you.}

My baby daddy and I have never gotten tattoos together, we usually take turns. But we decided to go for it, right now. I got the alchemy symbol for water, because of my love for the oceans and the depths, he got the symbol for fire. I am in love with them. I also got the crescent moon on my finger. {And now I want the rest of my fingers done}

We've been parked in the same spot since April, it's a record for us. My feet and soul are restless. I'm ready in anticipation of where we are off to next. Hopefully very soon.

I began a whole30 this month. It began as a desperate attempt to heal my womb. I don't usually do well with restricting foods. I tend to rebel to greatly. But something this time has been different. I'm no longer calling it a whole30 because I've strayed a bit. But stayed mostly paleo/primal. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing I feel. Turns out, my body loves whole foods, no grains, no sugar. Just real food. I am relishing in how magical I feel right now.

I have some really great things on the horizon. Starting with Money Salt +Bone. It doesn't end there, I think it's a beginning really. And I have a girl crush on beginnings.