february loving.

There is so much goodness swirling around in my world lately. I want to bottle it up and hang it on a red strand around my neck. To carry it always and pull it out when I need it. So I'm burrowing it here. For me and for you. Enjoy.

This field guide. It's no secret that I have a huge girl crush on Marybeth. I want to move into her yurt in the summers and walk through the woods with her. When she asked me to be a part of this I swooned. When it landed in my inbox.... I fell hard in love with each girl who shares in it's space. Go now. Draw a bath, grab your iPad and settle in. The water will grow cold and your heart will be full and warm.

Last Spring after my scare with my heart I joined in with a cleanse that Stephanie was doing. It was the most beautiful experience. It was like no cleanse I had done before. I even hesitate to call it that because we have so many notions attached to it. It was a gentle kind loving experience. It drew me deeper into myself, deeper into love with myself and my relationship with what I eat and how I care for myself. I've since been able to connect with her a bit more and I love her even more now. I can't wait for her Dream Maintenance Plan. These words alone drew me in.... "Together, over 10 days we will indulge in beautiful, nourishing food. Self care practices that are simple and effective. We will open ourselves to new perspectives and a bit of inner excavation. All of which ultimately leads us closer to a deeply rooted way of being." We're starting Monday and sign up closes on Friday. Join us?

More delightful things...

Say what you want about Beyonce but this article summed it up for me.

My friend Katie introduced me to this music this week. It's been on constant repeat around here.

This project... it stirs my mama heart. Every week the images move me. Deeply.

My word for this year is sacred. Sacred. I have so much that I'm going to share about this. Walking into it gently. January was sacred release for me. Letting go of what I don't want to carry into this year. Letting go of the things that I could no longer carry. Including forgiveness. I've had to release so much in this area. It's deep deep work.  These words ..."Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different"~ Oprah Winfrey, helped me to see it in a new way.

Much love to each of you as you move through this month.