The Power of a Playlist

I don't consider myself a music aficionado. I don't scope out who's up and coming in the music world. However there has never been a time when music wasn't a centrifugal force in my life and I can't imagine a life where there is no soundtrack.

When I was a little girl I would sit at the stereo and listen to Alabama on 8 track. I remember when my parents bought a new stereo from Sears and it could play records and cassettes. I listened to Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston when I was home alone and I'd dance for hours. I remember buying my first cassette tape with my own money, it was Madonna's Like a Virgin. And so began the soundtrack of my life.

I can tell you the song that played at my grandfather's funeral, the song that I blasted when a boy broke my heart and the song that I played when my mother set a boundary that I thought was unfair. I know the song that was my ringtone the day my marriage almost dissolved, the sound of it still causes my stomach to lurch.

When we are in the car, satellite radio is always on, when I write it's with my headphones on. When the windows are open in the RV and the sound of summer fills the air you'll find my record player perched nicely on the counter, playing something by the Eagles or Willie Nelson.

This is the playlist of my life. Without it there is an overwhelming silence and less passion. Would I hold the same memories had the songs not been there? I'm not sure, but I know this, it's part of what makes me who I am. Each of these songs has become part of me.

When I need to be reminded of who I am I turn to my power playlist. The songs that ground me and cause me to re-focus and push forward. I am thankful for each of these gems and I carry them inside my heart.

I don't want to know who I'd be without them.

What about you? What song pushes you to the depths of yourself? What song reminds you of your truth? Print out the lyrics and tape it inside your cabinet doors. Get them tattooed on your arms. There is power in the playlist of your life.

And if you don't have a song that grounds you, it's time to find one. I promise you there's healing in music.