The Voice

It's a reality. Any time I try to do something with what I know and who I am, I am bitch slapped by the little voice that says I can't, that I won't or that I'll fail.

I've fallen in love with" the voice" in the past, I've let it keep me company and let its volume become louder than my own voice.

But that's all changing now. I hear the voice. I welcome the voice, I pull up a chair so that it can become comfortable while it watches me push past and pull through and when I crank out whatever it is that I'm working on. I will let the voice watch and weep.

I grew tired of letting the voice run things. It's not her show, it's mine. And while I know that she will never disappear I'm learning to see her for what she is. A liar and a thief. But guess what, I'm letting her stay and I'm using her to push me forward. When she shows up I know that means I'm on the right path and I'm about to crank out something phenomenal. I almost want her to show her face so that I can prove her wrong and use her words to propel myself.

That voice, she's become one of the best tools in my toolbox and I'm going to keep her around. Maybe it's time you viewed that voice a little differently too. Maybe it's time she stops just taking up negative space. Maybe it's time you put a positive spin on her.