Positive Flow

I'm not sure where it started but I'm sure that it's not a new trend, it's been around for as long as I can remember. And it seems that it's gotten worse. I'm wondering what our daughters will see in their generation?

What am I talking about? The strong urge that we as women have to beat each other down with our words. I find it ironic because we don't do it to each others lovely faces as much as we do it behind our beautiful rear ends.

We do it at the beach about the woman in the bikini at the beach, we do it when a friend succeeds in something, we do it when we witness another mama's parenting, we do it when good things happen and when tragedy strikes.

When did it become okay to use our words to talk negatively about someone else so that we feel better about who we are. Why are we using others in such a negative way to propel our sense of self worth. And is this really the most positive way to get our identity? Do we really want to be the kind of people who beat others down? What if this was physical abuse? We'd stand on street corners and proclaim that it was injustice, but we do it with our words and it's just as painful.

We justify it because they don't actually hear us saying it but what if you pictured every word coming out of your mouth and attaching to the person that you were talking about? Would they walk around with a lighter step, feeling more secure in who they are? And would you be able to carry the things that were said to you? Do we really need to expel our own doubts and hurts onto another soul who has value and maybe some different ideas than our own?

As much as anyone, I'm preaching to myself today. I've found myself in situations where the road turns and we focus on someone who isn't there and begin the barrage of negative talk and there are plenty of times I've instigated that conversation.

Would you take a pledge with me? Would you fill this earth and the sky with more positive waves? Would you speak love or even keep silent rather than use someone else and the struggles that they carry to make yourself feel better?

Would you look in the mirror today and say something really nice to yourself about you? Let's start there and let it trickle out.