The Milagro Girl Project

It started with the idea of creating a place where women could find information. I am an information hound and I love to seek out and learn more about my body, my life and my soul. I wanted a place where any woman, any girl, any lady, any bitch, any diva, any one, could come and learn more about the physical aspects of themselves. A place where information would be safe and raw and real. And while at some point I would love to expand to that, it evolved into something else. Actually it took me by the hand and led me past the information and straight to the heart. And so I started there. And it turns out there is a lot that the heart wants to say. But the demographic didn't change, it still speaks to every one of us.

To the Milagro Girls

For the ones who stand in the corner at a dance, all alone, and wonder why you didn't stay home.

For the ones who let men do what they want, because at least they look at you for a fleeting moment.

To the ones who seem to have it all together, but at the end of the day crawl into bed and feel all alone.

To the ones who talk about their friends to others because it keeps everyone talking and keeps their eyes focused in another's direction.

To the ones who buy fancy bags and expensive makeup and long to cover every inch of themselves with things that are valuable, so that maybe they'll feel valuable too.

 To the ones who kissed their best friend in 7th grade and kissed their best friend's boyfriend too. Who tried so hard to find their truth and still don't know what it is.

To the ones who laugh at the dirty jokes and then Google the words because you have no idea about how your own body works.

To the ones who yearn to dance and scream and laugh, but the last time you tried all that flowed was tears.

To each of you, the Milagro Girls, it's time to come alive. It's time to dig into all that you are and find that what lies inside is the most powerful force. It's time to talk nicely to the little girl inside of your head and at the same time to scream at the liars who hide in the corners of your mind and send them on their way. I've packed their suitcases for you, all you have to do is send them on their way.

It sounds simple and in truth it is. But it's also messy and chaotic. The best part though is that you are not alone. There are a million of us Miracles, we are the ones you least expect and we have the ability to change ourselves, each other and the girls who will follow our paths a hundred years from now.

Are you ready? Because your soul is. You are a Miracle.