What My Kids Want You to Know

My beautiful soul stirring coach assigned me the task of asking my kids to write what they would want you to know. I wasn't sure what to expect but they moved me to tears, and I wanted to share with you.

What I want mom's blog readers to know. I want them to know how powerful women can be with just there voice. And how powerful and amazing my mom is and how that even if you don't succeed at first you can try again and know that they can believe themselves.

My son age 13

An idea. How all great things start. And so did this blog. Created by a great woman who is an amazing mother and is really good at giving love. She had an idea to create a website with the purpose to show other women how much they are worth, how worthy they are of love and never to doubt themselves.

So many people especially women look down at themselves and celebrities never help this at all. Unrealistic images of women are everywhere and it's easy to see that and compare yourself to them and wish you looked more like that.

That's where Milagro Girl will come in handy.

My 16 year old daughter

I want my mom's blog readers to know that I think everyone should try to live in an RV or even a camper because it is so fun and we have learned so much and we have so much more to learn and even some days it seems really small and some days I want to live in a house but most of thee days I love living in an RV a nd I love when people ask us where we live and we say an RV and to see there faces and how some people don't believe us so I just wanted everyone to know that it is such a fun time all of the experience and all of the memories from all of it and I want everyone to know my mom is a rockstar #1 because she started this website #2 she is the mother of 4 kids #3 I JUST LOVE HER #4 she is the best mom any one could ever ask for #5 she gives us good advice and you can tell her anything.

My daughter age 11