Full Moon Rituals

There is something so powerful and lovely about a full moon. As a woman I can feel her pull and the swelling of her fullness. I am amazed that for so long in my life that I barely glanced at the sky. Now I can sit under the stars for hours and soak up the tiny lights that they radiate. Just last week while riding through the park late at night I was witness to a falling star and my heart leapt at the greatness of it.

This has definitely been the summer of campfires for us. There are days where we start a fire while still in our pajamas and feed the flame through the entire day. When everyone goes inside at night I am often times the last one to leave the healing flame that is held there. It's therapy for me for sure.

I decided to combine those two things into a ritual. Rituals are something that I'm pretty new to and I'm in love with creating new ways to do things. It seems I'm finding myself more present when there's a ritual around it. Also, if you're familiar with a full moon ritual and mine isn't “right” according to what you've been taught please don't tell me, I'm loving it too much to have to let it go.

I'm inviting you to join me tonight for the Aquarius Full Moon. I'm going to light a campfire stacked with pinecones and scavenged firewood. I'm going to bring a blanket or my yoga mat and some sage, probably incense too. I can't get enough Gold Nag Champa. I'm going to put on whatever feels really comfy to me and I'm guessing with the cooler nights that will mean my Uggs, leggings and a favorite sweater. I'll also probably bring my iPod, I can't get enough Rising Appalachia and their groove feels right for a powerful girls night. I'm also going to bring my journal and my favorite sharpie pen.

I'm going to start with my gratitudes from today and then from the last month, I'm going to reflect on the miles we've traveled the last month, the struggles we've had and what I've learned from them and I'm going to dig deep into what I've done to stretch and grow this month. It's been a big one for me and I'm ready to pour out my thankfulness for that. I'm not planning to write this while I'm sitting but I'll have my journal in case I feel inspired to do that. I mostly want to breathe it all in and my full of thankfulness.

After that feels like it's come fully through me, I'm going to think about something that I just really need to let go of, something that this month has come to the forefront of my mind that needs to be released. I already know what it is, as I'm writing this it just became really clear. It's something that I didn't know was there a month ago but now I see it more clearly and I'm ready to release it. I'm going to write it on a piece of my firewood and let it go, letting it fall gently into the flame , slowly and fully. I'm going to sit and watch it burn for a few minutes and breathe through every emotion that comes from it.

And lastly I'm going to think about what lies ahead in the next moon cycle. I'm going to get really intentional about what it is that I want from this next month. What needs my full attention and what possibility is dwelling and waiting for me to give it my attention. I'm going to dream outside of the box and manifest great things. I'm going to write these down for sure, on my hands. As I write them, I'm going to speak them out loud. And then I'm going to stand and stretch as tall as I can, with my hands lifted to the skies and send them out towards the fullness of the moon.

Would you join me? If you're somewhere that's chilly or rainy please know that this can all be done in front of a window or in a small open space. The great things about your own ritual, is that you can create it around whatever feels right to you. I'd love to know that there's a circle of us lifting our hands to the skies tonight.