the thing about baggage

                                                    photo credit Loungerie via flickr

Tonight I'm planning to do some releasing. I had hoped for a campfire but the park that we're at doesn't allow them. (I'm going to have to get creative.)

I've been spending today sitting with all it is that I want to release. All of the things that weigh me down and no longer serve me, the things that I do NOT want to carry with me into 2012. There is a heaviness in the air here and I'm willing myself to sit with it and let it be what it is.

I've been thinking about baggage today. The things that we carry and aren't meant to, the things that we've used to protect us or to shield us from pain, the things that have come into our lives and settled in, for longer than they were meant to. The things that came in shiny packages or wrapped in dirty paper. Wherever they were born, they came and now we carry them with weighted shoulders.

So many times we say the word "baggage" and a negative spirit fills the air. It sits and waits for someone to cut through it. But here's the thing about that's yours. No one can own it the way that you can and I truly believe that until you sit with it, open up the suitcase and sift through it's contents, you won't be able to truly release it.

Examine each item closely and ask it what it is that you are supposed to learn from it, smell it, taste it, look at it with telescopic glasses. Yes, it may bring tears to the brim of your glitter lashes, yes it may cause your stomach to churn and swirl, it may cause your heart to beat faster. OR it may seem less powerful than it once was, it may seem as if you sipped of the DRINK ME potion that was meant for Alice, and the very things that seemed so huge are now small enough to be talked through and processed.

Whatever it is that stirs for you, I ask of you to feel it fully. Claim it as yours, embrace the girl that you were when you picked it up, when you slung it over your shoulder. Remind that girl that you love her and that you want to help her heal....

..and then I believe that you can fully let it go. Write your name and this date on that tattered luggage and then burn it up and let it go with all that you are.

Remember.... you are a miracle. You have walked through so much, and your soul wants you to carry only those things that light your heart and life on fire.