more than a word for 2012

For the last four or five years I've chosen a word to focus on for the year ahead. It's been a powerful practice for me and in some ways it seems to work "outside" of myself. I can look back on the year and see the ways that the word was entwined, even in places I hadn't expected.

My word for 2011 was "release". And even on the last morning of the year it was at work, a mighty force, to be sure that I remembered it. I released so much last year, even in those last moments.

As we were closing out the year, my friend Victoria (who will be launching her website this year and I can't begin to tell you how amazing it will be) told me that she celebrates the New Year on Epiphany. I love that idea, I love what Epiphany symbolizes and also what the word itself means.

I spent the first week of 2012 dreaming and seeking for the intentions and directions that I wanted to go this year. In that week every conversation left me wondering what word to choose. I spent hours at night awake and days digging through printed pages to find it. It would seem that a regular word wouldn't do for this year.

Somewhere in the midst of this I began re-reading some of my twitter conversations from the year. And this one sat bold in front of me

aliciat: Midday #gratitudes Bancha tea, shaved heads, a comfy dress, new chucks, and rv park reservations.

pixiecampbell: @aliciat That sounds mighty cozy, RoadWarrioress.

When I saw the word warrioress I knew that it was my word for this year. It was like finding a long lost love and all of the sudden you look up and they are standing there. Almost like they never left.

For so many of the past years I had chosen a word that I wanted to embody, a word that called to me from outside of myself. But this year I needed something different. I needed a word that was already inside of me needing to be nourished.

I know that there is a warrioress in the depth of me. I see her sometimes and long to get to know her better. That is what this year will be about. It will be about fighting for the things that matter to me, it will be about fighting for the freedom of others. It will be about speaking my truth even louder than before. It will be about nourishing my soul and my body so that I am ready for mighty things that lie ahead.

I have grown complacent in some things, I have silenced myself. And that has now all changed.

I am declaring that I will meet this year head on.

The Warrioress.