positive movement

photo credit me via my instagram feed

This week I've discovered even more about myself that I didn't know. I love that. I love checking in with myself and seeing what it is that's working and what isn't and what might need a bit of my attention.

We are in a beautiful and lush RV park right now. It has lots of trails, birds are everywhere, and last week I almost had a florescent green lizard dash up my leg. It's one of my favorite parks that we've ever stayed at.

While we are here I've been trying to take advantage of the trails and I started walking them almost every day. My husband began joining me a few weeks ago and it's been a lot of fun. Until this week.

This week I got my Couch to 5k app ready and decided it was time to start running again. I'd been walking regularly with some pretty good speed and it seemed that running was the next natural progression. I even began to consider running a half marathon, for the third time or maybe even a full 26.2. I ran quite a lot a few years ago and the feeling of crossing the finish line is so amazing. (Especially when they put a medal around your neck)

But this week I realized that I don't like to run. I got frustrated that I wasn't faster and instead of coming home rejuvenated and ready to take on the day, I was pissy and irritable. And so I stopped doing it.

So many times we are told that exercise is "good for us" and it will "make us feel better" but I'm not sure that's true. I think getting outside and moving your body in a way that brings you refreshment is what's good for you. If you don't love it, then I doubt that you'll continue to do it.

I'm not saying you should never push yourself. I think great things happen when you reach just a little bit (or a lot ) out of your comfort zone. But if you don't really love it in the first place, then I don't think you'll feel inspired to get to the place of pushing yourself.

I love walking, fast, listening to hip hop. I love hula hooping to Florence + the Machine. I love riding my bike around the park. These things fill me up and help me to see other things in my life a bit clearer. I'm also finding that tons of inspiration comes to me on my walks and I've begun using my phone to voice record all the fragments of thoughts that strike when my feet hit the pavement.

There has to be some positivity in the movement. The more, the better. If you don't love it and it doesn't refresh you, why are you doing it?

And can't this apply to all of life? So many times we are stuck in jobs that we don't love, or we try to salvage relationships that need to be released. We wear clothes that make us uncomfortable to try to be "in style" or fit. We buy things that mean nothing, that then clutter up our space, just because someone else thought it was "cute".

Warrior girl, there is more for you. Find the things that make your heart sing. Move in a way that makes your body hum, embrace the things that rally fill you. And release the things that don't.