My adventure list

I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago and I love making a list of things that I want to do for the year ahead. Sometimes I forget about the list and come to find that I've done things on it without even realizing it. It's a really good practice for me to stretch myself and to be conscious about where I'm headed. This is a bit different that my intentions for the year. It's more of an adventure list.

38 things to do before I turn 38

1.  go camping alone

2.  read Anna Karenina

3.  go to an art exhibit

4.  make strawberry jam

5.  take a dance class

6.  watch 10 black and white films

7.  learn at least 5 sentences in spanish

8.  speak in front of a group

9.  take a girls only road trip

10.  hoop everyday for a month

11.  have a dinner party outdoors

12.  get our Tara photos printed

13.  make a photo book

14.  write a poem and share it on the blog

15.  send once piece of mail love a month

16.  start coaching

17.  get my passport

18.  visit a national park I've never been to

19.  have photos taken of myself

20.  grow out my hair

21.  make a dream catcher and hang it above our bed

22.  try a new fancy dessert recipe

23.  one self portrait a month. blog it.

24.  sit in circle with the soul sisters

25.  have a just dance party

26.  plant something

27.  get my family tattoo

28.  paint something on cardboard

29.  take myself to lunch

30. go for a hike

31.  learn three songs on my banjo

32.  find the perfect eyeshadow

33.  embroider on a pillow

34.  go to a concert on the square

35.  make a special dinner just for me

36.  make a hoop video

37.  fire hoop

38.  finish my mondo beyondo list.

It's going to be a great year.

*We are in the midst of really crazy big transition and so I'm going to spend some time here in a gentle manner. If there's a topic you'd love to hear about or a question you have for me, send me a note and I'll do my best to answer/post about it.