Permission to Cocoon

photo credit Tambako the Jaguar

In the midst of our transition we've been really longing to connect with people that we've not seen in a while. However, before we came to the mid-west we decided that we would spend the month of February cocooning. When we made the decision it was more out of a place of protection for our youngest during this huge transition, but what I'm finding is that I needed it as much as anyone, and maybe even more.

I am by nature someone who needs times of solitude. I love to be around positive energy and connect with people, and yet the moments alone are where I recharge and get fully grounded. I have spent the greater part of my life believing that there was something wrong with needing this sacred time to refresh for what waits on the outside.

I have spent this week eating warm, spicy foods, wearing thick layers, nesting and reading a great new book. I've spent some time in my journal and found new music on spotify. I had a dinner and movie date with my two middles, this weekend I'm making some salves and may go to the thrift store to try and furnish this space. While some of these things aren't necessarily finding me completely alone, they are the things that I need to do to nourish me right now, and I'm doing nothing that doesn't lead to me feeling better about every day.

Sometimes it's a difficult path to cocoon. Sometimes there are barriers that you have to decide to climb across, or find a shortcut through. You may have to leave something undone. You may have to say no to a date with friends or a social event. I've even said to my partner that I needed to have some self care time before I could go on a date with him. The choice lies fully with you. But if you need some permission, if you need someone to tell you that it's okay to say no to someone or to something, I'm your girl.

Lovely girl, it's okay to settle in under a blanket, to put your headphones on, to take a nap, to turn your phone to silent, it's not selfish, it's a cocoon of self love.

If the butterfly forced her way through the chrysalis she would have deformed wings and wouldn't be able to fly. She knows that she has to stay in, where it's nourishing and full of everything that she needs, before she can venture into the world and woo it with her beauty.