The Power of Picturing

Today I'm being announced as part of the spring tribe on Roots of She. My heart is full of gratitude AND excitement. It's something I've wanted to be a part since I saw what Jenn created in that space.

When I made a list of things I wanted for Milagro Girl this year it was high on that list. I pictured myself there. And not six weeks into the year BAM there was an email asking me to be a part of the spring tribe.

Our minds are amazing in how they work. I can't even begin to understand the power of the brain and all it's intricacies. But I have seen over and over again how what I think, the things that I believe have such an impact in my reality.

I have struggled with depression in my life and I've also gotten to know anxiety a bit lately. I have also known the greatest joy and been at places in my life where I believed that nothing could be better than those very moments (and sometimes the depression and the jubilous moments happened in sync with each other, side by side). It ebbs and flows in my life, I can see patterns and other times it's random and unexpected. That's what makes my belief in the power of my thoughts so strong.

We all know that there's power in our words. But not just our thoughts, the visual things we see in our mind. The little pictures that we take and the ones that we create. Sometimes we forget that what happens in our heads matters. Those little thoughts and the imagined photographs, we mark them as private and let our minds run wild, believing that if no one else sees them then they don't matter.

I'm working on a practice of  seeing good things happen to me, first in my mind and then in reality. I'm focusing a little less in seeing the tragedies, the heartbreaks and the "What if's". I'm not only focused on the thoughts that are going through the electric parts of my brain, but the visual.

It's not a magic pill, the picturing. It's not also all that easy. But if you can just take a moment, close your eyes and picture yourself loved, picture yourself succeeding, picture yourself having what it is that's meant for you, then maybe just then you give permission for the best to happen to you. You reach out your hands in acceptance, and you take a small step towards the magic.

*One of the really amazing things that I've used this last year in creating a positive visual for my life is a vision board. You can read more about them here and I love what Hannah Marcotti put together here.