The Practice of Gratitude

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I started my gratitude practice almost a year and a half ago. I'm not sure what or who triggered it for me but it has been a beautiful journey for me. I've had people asking about whether they could join in and I thought that May might be a good time to encourageyou to join in. I'm going to write a little bit about my experience and then share some ways that you can join me.

I posted my first gratitude on twitter 12/08/2010:  "Last nights #gratitude list included Chinese take out, a big bath tub, listening to my parents watch Wheel of Fortune, and hugs."

It evolved from there into listing 5 things every night that I was grateful for. Sometimes they were simple, lovely things:

My mom just mailed me a box from my fave GF bakery for my birthday! I'm a very happy girl.

Sometimes they're really big things: Christmas #gratitudes; first Christmas as a legal family of 6, kids who are excited over simplicity, breakfast for dinner & wii dancing.

On the really rough days when it was a struggle to remain grateful and I struggled to find 5 things, I'd push myself to look for a 6th:  Compliments on my amazing kids, About page completed, the Civil Wars, lemon ice, making travel plans and my new MacBook Pro.

Reading back through them I see friendships that were budding, relationships that have since been lost, places I've connected to, music that I forgot I loved, dinners that filled more than my belly, and I see so much growth, in me and around me.

Sunday morning #gratitudes @christinemoers, Florence blasting while I cry, our map, and my gypsy heart.

I've gotten a little off track with them the last couple months and I really miss the practice. If you'd like to join me here are some ways to do that.

1. List 5 things you are grateful for that day. Try not to repeat things you've listed before but don't be anal about it :) We're not going for perfection here.

2. You can keep track in a journal and then post them at night, you can write them on a post note as they happen or you can post each one as is comes up. Again, no perfection here.

3. You'll find that you start looking for them throughout the day, the more you practice the more you see. It's beautiful. Trust this.

4. When it sucks, list an extra, look a little harder, dig a little deeper, the 6th one might be the best gem of that day.

5. Tag your tweets so that others can connect and see them. Use this hashtag #maygratitudes

I look forward to reigniting this practice in my life AND connecting with you.