Gathering a Tribe

Image source Franz88

I've posted before about the importance of a tribe. In fact it was almost a year ago that my heart was stirred to share that post with you. I wonder if it's something about summer days and moon lit nights that bring to mind a circle of love, united and gathered.

I posted on my personal facebook page this morning about my longing to sit in circle with my tribe. I have so many beautiful women in my life and they are all over this country. That is both amazing and painful. I want them here with me today. I want to hold hands and dance around a fire. I want to drink mojito's with fresh mint and listen to records under twinkle lights.  I want to laugh until we fall to the ground. (I also just watched Divine Secret's of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. It's a beautiful story and leaves me hungry for some a few Ya-Ya's in my life)

My connections with the women that I love has shifted so much over my life. The last few years have brought the most changes. Some people have visibly walked out because they no longer understand who I am, some have simply gotten overwhelmed with things in their own lives, and some are still here but we just connect less. It's the ebb and flow of how things are and I so get that. But I've also made the most soulful connections with women who travel, who parent kids from hard places, who are embarking on their own beginnings and who love a good campfire & great music.

I believe that some of this happens because we forget how valuable these relationships are. We forget that for centuries women have sat in circle with each other. It's where the deepest healing's occur, where the fattest tears are shed and where miracles occur. There is so much magical power in sitting with someone else who is willing to say "Yes, me too."

Sometimes I think that we get to a point where we give up hope in having a circle, a real tangible circle. We take our past hurts and experiences and we form an inaccurate truth about our role and value in having this. But what if we each took one small step? What if instead of hoping to have one BEST friend, you made several connections with different people. I know for me there are so many people that don't get my love for being a nomad, but if I connected in person with one other woman who "got it" then that would fill my void for needing to connect about traveling. Maybe I could reach out to one other mom who parented a child that came thru trauma. I might not be able to talk to her about my desire to get back on the road, but we could support each other when a tantrum is occurring in the Toys R Us parking lot. Maybe I could find one girl who wanted to meet at the park and hula hoop. BAM, look, I have a tribe. A tangible tribe.

What if you just make one small move to getting this going? What if each of us did? Send a message on facebook to one person who you'd love to connect with face to face. Make it happen. Throw all your change in a jar and start a "meet-up" fund. Lay aside the lies that you don't have something to offer. Have a tender spot from a past friendship that turned sour? Heal it, love on it and then act on it. Go be a support, show up fully as you and open your heart to what might lie ahead.

I'm sending so much love to each of you reading this. I know it's hard, I know our lives are busy and sometimes the geography of where we are is tough. But what if there is just one or two other girls in your tiny town or your big city waiting for you? I'm opening my hands and my heart and ready to sit in circle with my tribe. The idea of it is what's carrying me today.