What I Learned from Spiderman

Heroes by Angelina :)

~I'm warning you now that there are spoilers in this post~

Last weekend I went with my son to see the Amazing Spiderman. I'll admit I was hesitant to go, not because I don't like my son, (insert smiley face here) but because I had a hard time believing that the new Spiderman was going to be that Amazing.

I'm a fan of  Batman. I have been looking forward to the new film that came out today so very much. In my excitement about The Dark Knight Rises, I have overlooked Spiderman. I had a "been there done that" kind of attitude. How many more Spiderman films did we need? I'd seen the last series and just wasn't that hopeful that the new film could accomplish what they hadn't.

Can I tell you something? I cried like a baby at the theatre. Now once, but three times.  I cried when Uncle Ben was killed, I wasn't prepared for it. I had no idea that such a beautiful character would be killed off so early in the film, and at a moment when he and Peter were in conflict. Can you say biggest fear? To have not said "I love you", not have had a chance to reconcile? It's why I always end phone calls to people that I love with I love you. I don't want it left unsaid.

Okay so that was sad. I pulled myself together and then settled in for the rest of the film, which is quite long. Is it just me or they making films longer? And isn't that funny because we now have a shorter attention span? Are they testing us?

So my eyes are dry and my son feels bad for not warning me that there would be sad things in the film. Just when I caught my breath, Peter struggles to stop the Lizard from destroying all of New York, with an army of lizard people. In the midst of the attempt Peter gets injured and struggles to climb and swing across the city, which is now being evacuated.

During the evacuation, a crane operator sees Spiderman on the television screen and realizes that this is the man who just a few short days ago saved his son, from plunging to his death off the Williamsburg Bridge. The crane operator defies the order to evacuate and rallies a team of crane operators to line up the cranes across Spiderman's path to assist in his destruction of the Lizard. Peter is weary and these men rallied to help, defying what was being told to them.

This part moved me more than anything in the film. Here's what it said to me: Peter was doing what he was meant to do. He reached out to save the boy from the burning car off the bridge. He returned the boy to his father and went about doing his work. But that act, that stepping out and doing what he was meant to do? It made an impact, a deep impact that later was paid back. But Peter didn't do it for that. He was simply walking in his calling and when that happened, people noticed and rallied to help him, so that he could keep doing his work.

We need more of that in this world. More loving on others who are doing what they're called to. Less jealousy and competition. More celebrating and pitching in to make great things happen. We can't all carry the whole world, but imagine what we could do if we asked "How can I help you reach your dream?" or "It seems that your load is getting heavy, what can I do to encourage you to continue this path?" More paying attention, less "every man for himself."

And my last stream of tears? When the police Captain, who is also the father of Peter's love interest, is killed. Again, I didn't see this coming. But the lesson here is big: there will be naysayers. The Capt. spent most of the film attempting to stop Spiderman, he didn't like that he was in the lime light, that he worked on his own AND that he was faster on the scene than the police. He spent a lot of energy trying to capture Spiderman. There will be people in your life who don't understand your mission. They won't understand it and they may not support it. But that doesn't mean that you should give up. It simply means that you're on the right path. If you only did the things that made you popular with everyone, well then you're work would have stopped. It's impossible to make everyone happy. That's not your purpose. Your purpose is to push on, keep going and fight your battle with all that you have.

In the end the Capt., saw that Spiderman wasn't his enemy. (I'm going to tell you now that this won't happen with all the naysayers. Some people may never see your work as valuable. Spend less time with them. Listen not to their words) That just because he did things differently didn't mean that they had the same goals in mind. They could be working towards the greater good and each do things in their own ways. They could work independently and still be doing the things that they could to keep the city safe. Sometimes the way someone else does things looks "wrong." It doesn't look the way that we would do it, it looks weird and it makes us uncomfortable. But that doesn't mean that we're all on opposite sides, that we don't want to see things turn around for the better, to see more love and less judgement. It just means that we're individuals, all created to do our part. Imagine the beauty in that.

Supergirl: keep doing the work. Keep pushing thru. Keep following the call in your heart. I'm cheering you on. With tear stained cheeks.