Five months

Photo found here by Jon Matthies

My friend Sarah shared this new blog that she started the other day.The sum of it is that her daughter read her "her fortune" and told her that she only had five months to live. So Sarah is being really intentional with her next five months.

I can't get it out of my head since I read it. It has caused me to pause so many times over the last few days. It has caused me to say a big fat YES to things I might not have just a couple days ago. It has also caused me to say NO to the things that I don't want to spend my time on. It's making me think about what happens in my life every day and the huge amount of things that I get to decide.

Five months from now will be my 38th birthday. Coincidence? I think not.

Aren't we all dying. Don't we all have a numbered amount of days? But the bigger question... are we all living? Are we truly living and breathing and eating and soaking up all that this world has to offer? Are we walking in the things we're called to do? Are we making a difference? Are we producing and not just consuming?

A giant shift has occurred for me in these last couple days. I have less of a desire to be on facebook and more of a desire to have face to face conversation with my kids, my husband, the clerk at the store and the homeless guy at the farmer's market. I have less of a desire for superficial things, empty connections and bland food. I want more life in these next five months and beyond.

So what does that look like for me? Practically? I'm simplifying my facebook and my instagram. I'm writing letters and making more phone calls. I'm going for bike rides in the heat of the day, with all of my kids. I'm making a whistle playlist.  I'm leaving the phone in the car when I go on a date with my husband and showing up fully. I'm planning road trips. I'm taking more photos, not to share but to capture. I'm wearing my date night clothes to the library. I'm opting out of "following" or accepting. I'm having the margarita. I'm inviting the kids into my room to hang out. I'm meeting Denise at the park. I'm planning our next step AND taking it.

Here's to a life fully lived, with the people I love and to every adventure along the way.