Opening Up

I spent October with five beautiful women, digging in, pushing through, and looking hard. It was a magical experience and I found myself glowing in the process, hanging up the phone and declaring to the world that I LOVE this work. I've learned so much, spent the time seeing what worked and what needs a little more tweeking, evaluating my voice and learning to trust my intuition even more deeply. It's felt very much like stepping into my birthrite. In fact that is exactly what it has been for me.

I'd like to take this a step further. I'd like to offer up myself to you. I'm ready. Are you?

Until November 2nd, I'm offering up $25 off a Dark Night of the Soul Session or $50 off three months of working with me in Guide Sessions. Shoot me an email if you're ready to walk your path, a little more intensely, and looking for a few nuggets along the way.