ten days in

It's been ten days since I shut down my facebook and started writing my first book. If you've joined me in either or you're just curious about how it's going, this post is for you. What I've learned so far in this facebook break:

~I've taken a lot of baths and it's become a new ritual. Candles, new soap from a friend in Portland, a good book and sometimes even a movie. It's become an act of worship for sure.

~I'm having deeper conversations with my kids and others. I've had martini dates and coffee dates with beautiful people. I've had phone conversations rather than texting or emailing. It's like all of these people I love are more vibrant, because I'm seeing them and choosing to connect more intimately.

~I'm writing. A lot. I'm past 14,000 words on my NaNo book as of tonight. I lagged a bit behind for a few days but I'm catching up and letting the story come through me. It's so very good to give this a voice.

~I'm realizing what I want facebook to look like for me in the future. I'm envisioning sweeter connections with less people and less time spent there over all.

~I'm writing letters and sending things in the mail. It feels really good to just sit down, pen a few words and send it off. Nothing fancy, no special stationary or pens, just words and a stamp.

~I'm allowing myself to simplify other areas online as well. It's easy to take the energy from one online space and then shift it to another when you give up the first thing. The first few days I was on Instagram too much, but I recognized it and now just peek in when it feels right. I've also simplified my Google reader and unsubscribed to email lists that no longer serve me.

~I'm spending time with myself, not numbing out, not avoiding just showing up. With me and for me. And it feels so very good.

What I want for the rest of my month:

~More baths. {It's been that good.}

~More connection. I'm not going to lie, I miss my people on facebook. My support people, my friends all over this country, and the people who post such great inspiration. I miss them all. I'm hoping to reach out more and open myself up to receiving more love back.

~Menu planning and delicious foods. I'm finding it hard to balance all the writing with keeping a home. We'll see if I can get the scales tipped for the rest of the month.

~More vision time. The end of the year is right around the corner and I'd like to start thinking about my hopes and desires for 2013.

~More writing. I have a couple articles due this week and I'm wanting to finish them up and get them sent off into the world. I'm excited about getting my words into new spaces. {Of course there's also this book I'm writing.} So more writing is high on the list.

~More Guide Sessions. I love them. I love connecting with brave girls who want to shift things. It makes me happy.

~More loving. That's simple. I want to give and receive it.


If you've joined me I'd love to hear how it's going. Feel free to leave a comment or ask for some support and I'll offer up whatever I can.

Headed to another bath,