Giveaway: Mandy Steward Thrashing About With God

This book has become a sacred book to me. I have highlighted, scribbled and shed tears onto it's pages. I have two copies in fact, for this very reason. When I started thinking about the relaunch I knew that I needed this book as a giveaway. I think it should be required life reading, if you breathe, you need to read it. I have so very much love for Mandy, for her words and her art, for her heart. This is one of THREE giveaways she's offering today!

Mandy Steward

Mandy Steward is an artist and author of Thrashing About With God: Finding Faith on the Other Side of Everything.
Through the course of writing the book Mandy found the importance of listening to her own voice, especially when that voice was angry, angsty, scared, unsure and/or confused. In the dark place she learned the value of hearing and accepting her own truth. She rebelliously did this in her underground layer by art journaling, writing, collecting secret messages, practicing yoga and sharing space with a few trusted friends. (Who love her because of not despite of her paradoxical tendency to either wander barefoot in a field of wildflowers with her head in the clouds or to sit troll-like under a bridge threatening to eat people.) She believes all is Mystery and most days she actually prefers that. She finally has a Self and finds that breathtaking.

She blogs her messes regularly at She also creates custom painted and inked Secret Messages for individuals, self-publishes a subscription based ‘Zine of gypsy journalism for her Secret Message Society, and divulges her truth in a zealous band of Secret Rebels.

Contact her here.

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