Giveaway: Mandy Steward SMS 'Zine

I can't even begin to describe to you the magic that is in each issue of the Secret Message Society 'Zine. And that there is now a digital option for gypsies like me... even better.

In this giveaway Mandy is offering a copy of lucky Issue no. 13.

"Once upon a time there was a group of artistic spies who could see things like no one else could see. This was because they saw with their hearts. They were the sort of people who had done a lot of living and exploring on their own because they found their demand on life to be "full of meaning" wasn't reciprocated well by others. Many times they were given labels: the ones who care too much, the ones who love too big, the ones who read into everything, the ones who still foolishly believe in magic, the ones who use poetry when prose would suffice, the ones who wander, the ones with their head in the clouds, the ones who won't snap out of it. 

These spies were not content with a life that consisted of the boring adult ventures of being successful, being right, being popular, being responsible, being perfect and being busy. They felt these sort of ideals merely scraped the surface on what it means to be alive, and that the real richness and vitality was to be found on a deeper layer. The layer only the heart can see. The underground layer.

As roving reporters, these gypsy journalists had a mission. The mission came from an inward compulsion to gather up all the clues they could find as a sort of living and breathing organic testament to the underground layer that so few believed to exist. They called these clues secret messages." Mandy Steward

I would really love to send you my gypsy journalism in the mail. Become a member HERE, or read more about the zine HERE.

Back issues are available in my Etsy store. $10 for the previous issue. $5 for all remaining available back issues. Once they sell out they're gone. 

Mandy Steward

Mandy Steward is an artist and author of Thrashing About With God: Finding Faith on the Other Side of Everything.
Through the course of writing the book Mandy found the importance of listening to her own voice, especially when that voice was angry, angsty, scared, unsure and/or confused. In the dark place she learned the value of hearing and accepting her own truth. She rebelliously did this in her underground layer by art journaling, writing, collecting secret messages, practicing yoga and sharing space with a few trusted friends. (Who love her because of not despite of her paradoxical tendency to either wander barefoot in a field of wildflowers with her head in the clouds or to sit troll-like under a bridge threatening to eat people.) She believes all is Mystery and most days she actually prefers that. She finally has a Self and finds that breathtaking.

She blogs her messes regularly at She also creates custom painted and inked Secret Messages for individuals, self-publishes a subscription based ‘Zine of gypsy journalism for her Secret Message Society, and divulges her truth in a zealous band of Secret Rebels.

Contact her here.

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