Giveaway: The Grey Muse Heather Mattern

I wish I could tell you my depth of love for Heather. Even though we've never say face to face over tea and paper journals, I know that one day we will. I was lucky enough to get to work with her in Guide Sessions when I first launched them. The time that she shared with me, where I was able to witness her coming forth from her cocoon, was wildly beautiful. I love that she was willing to share her new book with one of you. I CANNOT wait to dive into my own copy.

"there are some days I sit back and stare at the book on the bedside table. it has my name on it. WoW. it has MY name on it.

when this collection asked to be written -- I didn't have a choice. there was no other answer than to grab my pen and begin.

she (the grey muse) whispered love notes and I simply scribbled them down. they were like a healing salve for my soul.  I've never been great at affirmations, perhaps it's still the "deny thyself" inscribed on my skin from a past I ran away from. I think in many ways, these words needed to come from someone else rather than my own voice, for me to believe them. It was as if I had my very own cheerleader guiding me through the chaotic beauty of everyday life:

those dark days of depression.
the overwhelming to-do list
sibling rivalry
and spilled milk

she was there holding my hand through it all, helping me clean up the mess.

so here I am. staring -- in awe because even though I wrote the book, the words feel as though they came from someone else:

love notes from the old woman."



Heather A. Mattern is a writer, speaker, blogger, and poet from North Carolina. Her writing has been featured in Natural Life magazine and The Garner-Cleveland Record. Her words reflect the raw naked bits of her chaotic yet beautiful life as she juggles homeschooling three children, a writing career, and a romance with her high school sweetheart.

You can read more of her ramblings on her blog

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