what life looks like

This full moon has left me swirling. I've been quite in social spaces. Sitting with myself and witnessing with those I love.

I wanted to share a peek into my days, my moments. What the lab looks like right now.

Our RV park has a pool and most of the people here have left for the summer, flown back to their northern homes. We have this space to ourselves most days. Water, wherever I find it, heals me.

I'm within biking distance to the grocery store, it's reignited my love for riding my bike and there's something very soul filling about riding to the store and getting only what I need for that day, putting it in my basket and then riding across the street to Sta@rbucks for an Opr@h chai over ice.

My friend Danielle sent me this mermaid opener when I was landlocked a couple years ago. She knows my love for the depths and for mystery. I love it so.

I've been using essential oils for about 5 years now. I've slowly incorporated them more and more into our healing arsenal and I'm continually amazed at the way they help so very many things. This morning found me using them to help heal a sore puppy foot. There seriously is an oil for everything. I'd love to share more about them if you're new to them or have questions.

I've had several inquiries lately about our gypsy life. Do you have questions or curiosities about that? You can leave a comment or contact me directly and if there are enough of them I'll do a some posts around that.

This weekend will finding me packing for a quick trip back to the midwest, dipping my toes in more water and scouring the farmers market for greens and fruits. Tell me love, what does your life look like right now?