I'll hold your hand as you lift the mirror and gaze upon yourself for the first time.

I'm excited to introduce a form of "coaching" into Milagro Girl this fall. I'm hesitant to call it coaching because what I envision is more of a dance partner, a light shiner, and a companion. A guide. Are you a "lost girl" and longing to learn to love yourself through your process?

Have you forgotten that you are a Miracle? Would you like someone to help you remember?

Have you set your wings free from religion? Are you dwelling in the possibility of what your faith might look like now? Do you want to spend some time exploring your truest beliefs?

Have you forgotten what it is that matters to you? Do you want to be a true-er you?

Do you long for more simplicity or more you-ness in your home or your wardrobe? Would you like some tools for centering in on what colors make you feel alive or what your ideal space looks like?

Are you ready to walk more fully on your path, showing up with all of you? Would you like someone to carry the lantern as you walk on?

What working together looks like:

Guide Session Commitment

  • You show up fully for 6 sessions. Sessions are 45 minutes and are scheduled every 2 weeks over a period of up to 3 months. (This can be adjusted to shorter time frame if needed) You'll call at your designated time and we dig in.
  • You bring your whole self in willingness to walk forward. You open up the places in your heart that you've reserved or tried to hide and let yourself shine
  • I show up with my heart, ready to listen and to ask questions where you need me to. I offer the resources and information that I have and walk alongside you.
  • I give you some things to work on and ponder for our in between times and you email anytime you get stuck or need a sweet reminder.
  • Guide Sessions are $200 a month


Dark Night of the Soul Session

Need a one time power boost? Want to work through a specific thing that keeps coming up for you? Is there a relationship or dynamic that really needs your attention but you don't know where to start? A soul session is 90 minutes of getting down and through to the core intensive. I send you some questions before hand and we hit the ground running for those 90 minutes. It's a one time offering, (with the option to continue into Guide Sessions) of soul restoration. Soul sessions are $150


Try me

Not sure you're ready for this or if we're a good fit? I'd love to connect for 20 minutes to chat and see if we're a good fit. This isn't as much of a Guide Session but more of a get to know me and ask any questions you have about what it would be like to have me by your side for a bit.

Ready? Let's go girl. Send me an email.