I believe...

that latte’s are best decaf and breve and late at night

that a movie or a song can change my life

that love is hard and beautiful and worth it

that the road will be my home for a very long time

that writing is worship

that nothing should match

that you can learn a lot about yourself when you are lonely

that you can learn a lot about yourself in a crowded room

that honey whiskey tastes best when barefoot

that full moon walks and record players go hand in hand

that I’m lucky

that the deepest friendships are just beginning

that naked naps on summer days are sacred

that we all have more mightiness than we can even imagine

that trying to imagine it is healing and hope-filled

that there’s a difference between “getting dinner together” and going on a date

that you can shift the thing that looks unshiftable

that we all learn at our own pace and embracing that will change lives

that holding hands is a prayer

that your kids can shine a light on the deepest parts of your soul and reveal what lingers there

that incense from a girl you love can make the toughest day holy

that I am whole

that confessions are medicinal

that my partner has the power to talk me down from the ledge, time and again

that my iTunes signifies my life work

that small talk goes against my core being

that cotton can soothe

that every girl, is a wild miracle